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Kyirong Village is at the core of Kyirong Organic Farmstead and Nature preserve and as such the home of Karish and Margherita, and as well as all ‘Friends of Kyirong Village’. Kyirong was founded in 1987 upon a 150-year-old traditional family farm and functions seasonally as a Retreat, Healing and Learning Facility for the benefit of others.

Kyirong Village is located on what was once a traditional family farm, established about 1852,and is an aspect of Kyirong Chöling a not for profit foundation for the practice and preservation of the Lamaist tradition. Kyirong Chöling was founded in 1987 with the blessings of HH The Dalai Lama and other eminent Tibetan Lamas, with the intent to create a learning, healing and retreat center. Kyirong Village is not a commercial facility, but a Sacred place where people of any faith, can reflect and find themselves, as well as share peace and harmony with Friends.

In order to develop a friendship and ‘family’ base for Kyirong, and to sustain our vision, we gift each event participant General Membership in ‘Friends of Kyirong Village’ for the current event year.

This entitles you to certain fundamental privileges, as you learn about Kyirong Chöling. General Membership is offered on invitational basis and is the prerequisite to further involvement, such as Work-share, Sponsor, Charter or Lifetime Memberships.

General Membership is therefore included in any event cost, and all events offered are for members only. All proceeds go to Dharma and the development of Kyirong Village.


General Membership allows you to utilize all facilities, on a pre-arranged basis, including co-creating a retreat for your dharma group. You may contribute a nominal annual donation, or participate in any formal event, in exchange for membership. Volunteers are requested to contribute the nominal donation, if they are able.

Retreat or Work-share Membership applies to anyone staying at Kyirong Village for a limited time, either in apprenticeship or on individual retreat.

Sponsor Membership applies to persons who wish to donate time, resources or funds, in an ongoing way, to the development of Kyirong Chöling.

Charter and Lifetime Memberships become available to members who wish to commit to investing themselves in Kyirong Chöling, on a long term basis.

To obtain more information about Memberships or about Kyirong Village, please contact us.


Please understand that Kyirong is not a commercial campground, and that all facilities are available to registered members only. An annual General Membership is included in your event fee.

  • Nature Preserve:
    32 private and communal campsites are available on a first come first served basis, within the nature preserve.
  • Campfires:
    Taking responsibility for campfires may be permitted, depending upon the current fire condition. Firewood is available upon request. Please ensure you have understood the fire regulation.
  • Walking Trails:
    Many pleasant walking trails and seating areas, have been created within the nature preserve, arboretum and farmstead. Personal Facilities: Outdoor toilets, shower and wash stand.
  • Meals:
    Wholesome meals are provided during weekend events: Friday evening snack. Saturday; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sunday; breakfast & lunch. Meals for overnight guests are by special arrangement. For week long courses; 5 breakfasts, lunches & dinners.
  • Swimming:
    We are adjacent the Salmon River, which is a 2 minute walk, across the road. The Beaver Lake Family Beach, on Hwy. 41, is about 8 minutes away. In a more natural setting, Fifth Depot Lake is about 15 minutes distance by car.
  • Canoeing:
    You are welcome to bring your canoe or kayak for calm water enjoyment, in the Salmon River or Beaver Lake.
  • Telephone:
    Telephone is available for absolute emergency use only and is located in the Big House Hallway. For all other calls, pay phones are available in Tamworth.
  • Campers and Trailers:
    We can accommodate a limited number of campers and trailers, but no ‘hook-ups’ are available at this time.
  • Camelot Tent:
    The Camelot Tent is a 1400 sq.ft. workshop and dining facility, which is also available for use during your entire stay. Here tea and drinking water are available throughout the event.
  • Gardens and Orchards:
    The organic farmstead is being restored towards sustainable selfsufficiency, in the spirit of stewardship. Should you wish to participate in gardening meditation, please inquire.
  • Drinking Water:
    Very excellent, tested, mineral rich, deep well water is available at all times.
  • Kyirong Labyrinth:

    Kyirong Labyrinth The large Labyrinth spanning 91 feet in diameter was built in July 2003, with 2790 stones found on the land. Each time a labyrinth walker brings a stone, as has been the tradition, the number of stones is increasing. The Kyirong Labyrinth is the source of the creation of the annual Authentic Self Retreat in July.

Kyirong Tent
Kyirong Outdoor Facility

Kyirong Tent at Night
Outdoor Facility at night

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